Horse Rescue South Inc. provides the following forms; Annual Health Report Form, Equines Adoptions and/or Foster Application, Foster Agreement, Personal Reference Form, Veterinarian Reference Form, and Animal Abuse/ Neglect Complaint Form.  For more information contact Jo.

Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help these beautiful, once mistreated, equines life a longer, healthier, happy life.  For all the love they have given us we can surely do the same! 


In 1995, a small group of people joined together to start a horse rescue called the Circle (S) Hoofed Society.  This group worked in conjunction with Law Enforcement and the Prosecutor's Office, to remove horses suffering from neglect and abuse.

Several horses were removed from different area in Perry County by Law Enforcement.  A total of 3 horses were dead on scene and 2 had to be humanly euthanized do to the conditions they were in when we arrived on the scene.

Since 2007, our rescue had been responsible for the rescue of 25 horses from Perry County, 8 from Gibson County, 2 from Crawford County, 4 from Vincennes, Indiana; 5 from Spencer County, 2 from Patriot, Indiana; 2 from Posey County, 3 from Pendleton, Indiana; 3 from New Albany, 2 from Mill Town, and 8 from Pike County, Indiana.

In 2009, the Rescue teamed our efforts with Indiana Horse Rescue in Gibson County, but due to the needs of county funds and possible chance of getting land in our county for the rescue horses, in October of 2011 we decided to split from the Gibson County Rescue and form our own Horse Rescue South, Inc. and file for a 5013C.

History of Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue South, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving horses and other equines in Southern Indiana.  Based out of Perry County, Indiana, our organization has a Rescue facility and multiple foster homes throughout the surrounding counties.  The Rescue works hard to care for and help heal equines that have suffered from abuse and neglect.  These rehabilitated horses and other equines are placed in our adoption program to the general public.  We acquire our equines by working with Law Enforcement Officers in the impounding of animals due to abuse, but we also take in horses from individuals who are no longer able to provide a home for them.  We accept equines of all breeds, ages, and gender.  Our organization is funded and operates by the generosity of individual donations, fundraising efforts, and grants.

Horse Rescue South, Inc.

"God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath over it, and created the horse." ~Unknown~

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